Morrocoy National Park

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Morrocy National ParkMorrocoy National Park with beautiful bays and islands of fine white sand to the east, on the west sider it is surrounded by the wetland Cuare Wildlife Refuge and to the south by the Cuare Golfete. Initially inhabited by the Caribe Indians, and its name in a Caribbean voice that means a place where our sun was born.

estatua de bolivar en chichirivicheChichiriviche Falcón state population located on the eastern shore of this beautiful region, 195 km southeast Santa Ana de Coro. is the capital of the municipality Monsignor Iturriza. It has a 2000 population of 5185 permanent residents. Chichiriviche is the Eastside cays and islands of fine white sand, on the west by the wetland Cuare Wildlife Refuge and south by the Cuare Golfete. Initially inhabited by Indians sparks, its name is a Caribbean voice that means "place where our sun was born."

Food in Morrocoy National ParkWith the development of tourism in Falcon state many sectors have improved infrastructure, such as the thriving tourist and hotel industry which has generated new jobs and has led to adapt to the tourist, who are not content only with accommodation and a simple meal to enjoy your vacation. At present all the inns and hotels have rethought their policies and guidelines for greater acceptance in a competitive market based on supply quality services ....


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