Morrocoy National Park

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Morrocy National ParkMorrocoy National Park with beautiful bays and islands of fine white sand to the east, on the west sider it is surrounded by the wetland Cuare Wildlife Refuge and to the south by the Cuare Golfete. Initially inhabited by the Caribe Indians, and its name in a Caribbean voice that means a place where our sun was born.

calles de tucacasTucacas City, is the capital of the municipality Laurentius Silva José Falcón State, Venezuela. Appears outlined in history from the arrival of the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Ojeda, on August 6, 1499.
This was accompanied by Amerigo Vespucci and Juan de la Cosa. It was a favorite spot for smugglers and pirates, who staged altercations large onshore Gulf Coast Sad and Chichiriviche.

Chichiriviche and Tucacas are villages where religious traditions are deeply rooted in his festival del valle inhabitants. Among the most important religious activities are the festividadees in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, the Virgen del Valle and the Blessing of the Sea on Sunday of Resurrection at Easter.

morrocoy islandsThe Morrocoy National Park is a real tropical paradise, a place full of charm and is easy to relax and fully enjoy the natural wonders that make this region a tourist destination par excellence. Its simple and friendly people, full of energy, the same they receive from the vast sea that bathes its beaches and native makes this place people noble, hardworking and full of deep faith to their patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen . Walking through the streets of Tucacas and Chichiriviche gateways to the 32,090 acres of beach, sea, islets, caves and wonders of this park, it's back to our roots, feel the warmth and friendliness of a people who are part of the daily national tourist ...

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