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morrocoy-chichiriviche Morrocoy National Park offers a variety of recreational activities to perform along the beaches, islands and in every inch of sand and sea that lies within this spectacular natural setting.

Families can enjoy a day of sun sand, swimming in the crystal clear water and playing in the white sand found on beaches, cays and islands.

For the more adventurous, the National Park Tortoise offers equipment for water sports. Among them the most common is diving.

This sport could practice in Cayo Sombrero and Cayo Muerto where you can see the fabulous coral formations. These keys can rent all the necessary equipment, as well as practical advice on the safe and fun activity.

To be able to dive should take into account the areas authorized for this activity, tourism companies that offer the service or have credentials as a professional diver you should hire the services of a boat to drop you off at the location selected for you to go down to the sea and see the natural wonders that exist in that area, such as fish, coral formations and marine life are submerged in the National Park Tortoise.

You can also hire boats to go a little beyond the National Park Tortoise and conduct fishing, after hiring the services to ensure an unforgettable adventure ... Yes visits the Paqrque to enjoy the beach, go snorkeling, diving or fishing, at the end of the day do not leave litter in any park area and so aporias your help to maintain the ecological balance of this beautiful parts of the country.

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