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Chichiriviche and Tucacas are villages where religious traditions are deeply rooted in his festival del valle inhabitants. Among the most important religious activities are the festividadees in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, the Virgen del Valle and the Blessing of the Sea on Sunday of Resurrection at Easter.

These activities are part of the cultural and religious events in both populations.
The great majority of its people particpate of religious actividaes, ecucaristicas of both Virgins, are processions through the main streets of Tucacas and Chichiriviche and then do a promenade, where many boats out to sea to the Virgin shed its blessings on them.
eL July 16 (Day of the Virgin of Carmen) and September 8 (Day of the Virgin of the Valley) are days full of religious celebration, there all show their faith, but in recent years due to tourism augue national and international parallel in the religious activities are fairs, festivals, with choice of Queens and presentation of musical groups that make these days a real waste of joy.
Importantly Tucacas Chichiriviche and also celebrate other religious festivals tale as Easter, Christmas Day, Dia de la Candelaria which according to the religious calendar marks the end of Christmas.

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