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estatua de bolivar en chichirivicheChichiriviche Falcón state population located on the eastern shore of this beautiful region, 195 km southeast Santa Ana de Coro. is the capital of the municipality Monsignor Iturriza. It has a 2000 population of 5185 permanent residents. Chichiriviche is the Eastside cays and islands of fine white sand, on the west by the wetland Cuare Wildlife Refuge and south by the Cuare Golfete. Initially inhabited by Indians sparks, its name is a Caribbean voice that means "place where our sun was born."

Chichiriviche has achieved sustained development of its tourism industry, with a service infrastructure that results in luxurious hotels, resorts, inns, restaurants, marine network, shops and nightlife sites
This eastern region is characterized as the main tourist destination in northwestern Venezuela. On the east side are four islets Chichiriviche belonging to Morrocoy National Park, these are: Cayo Sal, Cayo Muerto, Cayo Pelon, Cayo Peraza and Cayo Sombrero. To this is added the Continental Playa Punta Varadero.
On the west side lies the Wildlife Refuge Cuare, in this landscape coastal marine birds of various colors offer a wonderful show.
On the south side opens Cuare Golfete, in whose waters played much of the fish fauna of the states of Zulia and Falcón. On the banks of Golfete, on the cliff of Cerro Chichiriviche is located a cave called Cueva del Indio, with petroglyphs more than 3500 years old. In this same area is the Grotto of the Virgin, instead of popular fervor, devotion and pilgrimage.
To the north are the inland waters of North Beach, with more than 5 km in length, as well as the marine waters of Cayo Borracho, which is a haven for migratory birds.

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