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calles de tucacasTucacas City, is the capital of the municipality Laurentius Silva José Falcón State, Venezuela. Appears outlined in history from the arrival of the Spanish conquistador Alonso de Ojeda, on August 6, 1499.
This was accompanied by Amerigo Vespucci and Juan de la Cosa. It was a favorite spot for smugglers and pirates, who staged altercations large onshore Gulf Coast Sad and Chichiriviche.

The town was the seat of Bolivar Company, which administered the train service which communicated with the copper mines of Boca de Aroa. The area has a variety of exotic natural beauty areas, which are combined with other elements that have become the ideal place for vacation and tourism expansion.

Tucacas Boatmen integrate a set of people who know their craft in regards to sailing to the islands and beaches. One day Just Guevara commented "for National Park Tortoise must visit, no comparison." What he said this reminded ocean is becoming more true, so we must join forces with a view to consolidating the beach tourism.
The development is unstoppable and built a number of projects that are transforming the local economy. Residential areas are contemplated with all its services. For this there is the urgent need to prepare enough staff to be absorbed directly and so can be part of progress. The economy is based primarily on tourism.