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Food in Morrocoy National ParkWith the development of tourism in Falcon state many sectors have improved infrastructure, such as the thriving tourist and hotel industry which has generated new jobs and has led to adapt to the tourist, who are not content only with accommodation and a simple meal to enjoy your vacation. At present all the inns and hotels have rethought their policies and guidelines for greater acceptance in a competitive market based on supply quality services ....

The cuisine is a fundamental part of this service offering, traditional cuisine regains a seat at the tables of hotels and lodges, but many have dared to combine flavors and ingredients with recipes that are part of its mix of avant-garde or the also called fusion cuisine. Today it is easy to find places to stay in the vicinity of the National Park Tortoise which offer traditional recipes combined with Europe, as in the case of inns:  Paraiso Azul - Ardilena - Kanosta - Mediterranea - Turtle Bay, among others who have stepped front to please the palates from more simple to the more adventurous diners who like to experiment with their taste buds reveling blends and flavors away from the simplicity of traditional cuisine.

Another important aspect of the culinary trends of this region is the marriage or joining of new recipes with wine, which makes more interesting such proposals. It is increasingly common in inns and hotels offer dinner with wine included, among the most popular wineries highlights the Chilean, Argentine and aims to increase the consumption of domestic wine produced in Barquisimeto.

Note that each hotel inn and make permanent changes in their menus, this to give freshness and variety to your gastronomic offer, another important aspect is the use of local products, which ensures the freshness of the ingredients.

Bienmesabe The traditional desserts, dulce de leche, rice pudding, cheese, have been combined with profiteroles, Panacotta, pancakes with fruit, etc.. The fusion of the traditional and avant-garde recipes are another reason to choose as a tourist destination National Park Tortoise.

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