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morrocoy islandsThe Morrocoy National Park is a real tropical paradise, a place full of charm and is easy to relax and fully enjoy the natural wonders that make this region a tourist destination par excellence. Its simple and friendly people, full of energy, the same they receive from the vast sea that bathes its beaches and native makes this place people noble, hardworking and full of deep faith to their patron saint, the Virgen del Carmen . Walking through the streets of Tucacas and Chichiriviche gateways to the 32,090 acres of beach, sea, islets, caves and wonders of this park, it's back to our roots, feel the warmth and friendliness of a people who are part of the daily national tourist ...

Tucacas is a town that retains some of its colonial architecture in some of its buildings, it shows the colorful facades and large windows that allow ventilation in their homes, walk its streets is to feel the taste and sometimes smell Caribbean. Tortoise still retains its rural, you can see adobe buildings in villages and Tucacas Chichiriviche where clay predominates, as well as the ornament of the doors and windows, made from materials such as bench, the lattice, the bar wood turning and embossed.

All these elements form the architecture of this area. Tortoise typical food has a wide variety of flavors, among which you can find peeled arepa, which is made by soaking corn kernels and adding the touch of the area that is the ash from the stove, wait several hours to drain and grind. Is fired just as common arepas.

You can find the goat cheese is made in the state of Falcón and hence the goat milk candy, well known for its great taste. Other typical dishes that stand out are the talkarí goat and cream.

Another attraction of the eastern coast of Falcon state, where the park is the straw, which is made with cattail, cocuiza and vines. Falcon is characterized by its manufacture from locería, where different types of ceramics produced. Tortoise not escape the popular tradition of pottery, where objects are constructed handmade with natural elements like earth, water and fire, which are made flowerpots, jars, cooking pots and different types of ceramics.

The textile tradition is also present in the National Park Tortoise. Hailing from the fiber or wool sheep are created with threads of different colors clothing, fabrics for shelter from the cold and colorful accent pieces, among which stand out the sandals, made up of the loom and the uppers or skirts. As well as traditional hammocks are similarly made with this yarn.

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