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Venezuela This must be heaven said Christopher Columbus on his third voyage ..

Thanksgiving is Terra de gracias, appreciating the natural beauty of Venezuela in each cardinal point is a unique opportunity, regardless of your age. The adults will perhaps attract more observation of flora and fauna in the wooded area, but children and teens will love playing on the beach, a swim, swimming, sand figures. If you move to the mountains where you could book a package of camp will have the opportunity to share with other visitors in recreational educational, extreme sports and adventure. In this type of contact also offers nature walks through predetermined paths, visits and overnight in rivers, lakes and waterfalls, after obtaining the file permissions to do so.

Alternatives are:

Puerto Cabello, Higuerote, Chichester, Morrocoy National Park, the island of Margarita, Choroní, Los Roques, are some options to enjoy the best beaches in Venezuela. To the east, west, central and northern surfers, scuba diving, underwater observation of life, are the most beautiful places in the country, can learn with the assistance of expert guides. Canaima National Park in Bolivar State, is visited by tens of backpackers who come in groups and enjoy the majesty of the table mountains. During his tour in contact with indigenous groups settled in the lands near and within the park. Have the opportunity to share samples of their culture, local folklore, gastronomy.

A tour of sites where crafts made in stoneware, clay, wood, textiles, and utilitarian and decorative objects in other materials may take up to Lara, Merida, Tachira, Trujillo, Aragua, Miranda, Sucre, Anzoátegui. Artisans usually offer their pieces at the edge of the road and can get even toys for children of the family. At each location the visitor will find friendly people, willing to give the best care and it will take the hand to the best entertainment options. Also, enjoy a pleasant climate, space for outdoor activities, large shopping centers where you can buy what you want, restaurants, bars and discos to dance and enjoy the nightlife.

Margarita, one of the most complete on the tourist offerings. It has a solid hotel infrastructure and associated services such as transfers to nearby cays and islands, tours, shopping tours, excursions, visits to historical and religious sites. You can not miss a tour of restaurants and traditional food on the island. Those who come each year to Margarita vacation or a weekend getaway known the benefits of its beaches, the friendliness of the people, the options for fun. Margarita.travel offers a package to the island for three days including airfare, airport-hotel-airport, hotel accommodation of your choice under the all-inclusive. To stay can choose the Hesperia Playa El Agua Hesperia Isla Margarita, Caribbean Island, LTI Costa Caribe Hotel, Dunes, Flamingo Beach. In the center of the island there May 4th Avenue, which houses the bulk of trade in all areas, from clothing to last fashions, to footwear, accessories, to jewelry quality. In the surrounding area offers beaches, restaurants, also visit the Basilica of the Virgen del Valle, and eating the typical empanadas dogfish, connect to other destinations and more.

You can book through the website: www.margarita.travel

Los Roques, this national park is visited daily by dozens of domestic and foreign tourists through the full day packages offered by wholesalers in the area. Spend a day in a landscape of intense blue Everywhere you look is relaxing, enriching, wonderful. Diving enthusiasts are ecstatic about marine life and coral reefs that are allowed to observe in the archipelago. This visitors have expert guides who are showing them how to approach ecosystem without causing damage or disturbance. The boating or boat will not wait, the sun shines in the sky and the boats take tourists out to sea to give you the opportunity to appreciate the sea, acquiring a beautiful tan, swim in areas where permitted, relax to the rhythm of the waves and lulled by the sea breeze. In Los Roques there is excellent in terms of housing development through various inns. The wholesale tour packages Conkhep with inn accommodations in Cayo Luna for two days and one night with different rates Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday. They also have daily departures at special prices.

For further details and booking see: www.losroques.travel

Mochima, another of our rich and beautiful national parks, located to the east, between the states of Anzoategui and Sucre. It offers a natural setting with beaches and a mountainous environment where adventure is the order of the day. The boat rides can observe the playful dolphins and interact with them. Through packages Mochima.travel & Tours, who love kayaking, snorkeling, rafting will enjoy a two-day itinerary that starts with moving from Caracas to Puerto La Cruz to get to the cove where they board Mochima boats. After a delicious breakfast in Manare continue to Caracas for a beautiful island navigation, where they can accompany the funny dolphins. Once in Caracas island after about two hours of sailing, participants will have opportunity to go snorkeling, snack and rest. They spend the night in tents, with excellent guides and shelter. The return will be the next day, paddling up the creek to flow where there will be a break to recuperate before returning to Caracas. Those interested need only to train a group of four people and prepare to enjoy this walk is available all year.

Information through the site www.Mochima.travel

Morrocoy National Park +

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