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Calle General León Jurado, Sector Playa Norte. Chichiriviche., Municipio Monseñor Iturriza, Falcon, 2054, VE

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Luxurious and comfortable cottages that give the best and most peaceful accommodation to its guests. In a wonderful place surrounded by greenery that cushion the radiant sunshine of the coast creating a spectacular tropical setting.


The penera has 10 fully equipped cottages for 4, 6 or 8 people, both 1 and 2 bedrooms, which have living room, two bathrooms, air conditioning, television, cable, kitchen, microwave, refrigerator, blender , dishes, pots, linen and covered parking.


The inn also has a swimming pool, solarium, social area, barbecue and bar. Located 5 minutes from the beach.

Rm types

Apartamento 4 personas
Apartamento 6 personas
Apartamento 8 personas

General & Area activities

They offer the following tours:

• The Cave of La Virgen.

• La Cueva del Indio (hieroglyphics).

• Tunnel of Love

• Several Cayoso Plan Short walks. or long rides.

A Key (lead, stop and search)

• Mayorquina, Los Juanes, Hat, Playuela and Payclás (30 minutes or more).

• Salt Cay, Dead, Peraza, Pelon and Varadero (5-20 minutes).

• The Huequito (when the tide permitting).

Check in - Check out times

Time: 15:00 - Check Out: 12:00.

Driving directions

General Leon Jury Street, Sector North Beach Chichiriviche, Falcón State.


Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia, Arturo Michelena Airport in Valencia, Carabobo State.

Other transport

Take a flight to Maiquetia or Valencia, from there travel by public transport (bus) take a taxi or rent a car.

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Apartamento 4 personas - Apartamento para 4 personas 1 hab - (una cama matrimonial, una litera) 1
Max person: 4
Floor: 1
Apartamento 6 personas - Apartamento para 6 personas 2 hab (una cama matrimonial, una cama individual x 2) 1
Max person: 6
Floor: 1
Apartamento 6 personas - Apartamento para 6 personas 2 hab (una cama matrimonial, una cama individual x 2) 1
Max person: 6
Floor: 1
Apartamento 8 personas - Apartamento para 8 personas 1 hab. (una cama matrimonial, una litera, dos sofacamas de gaveta) 1
Max person: 8
Floor: 1
Apartamento 8 personas - Apartamento para 8 personas 1 hab. (una cama matrimonial, una litera, dos sofacamas de gaveta) 1
Max person: 8
Floor: 1
Tariff name Room/property type Min person Max person Valid from Valid til   Minimum days Maximum days
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