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Morrocoy .. Beach, fun and Nature

Tortoise National Park offers a variety of recreational activities to perform along the beaches, islands and in every inch of sand and sea that lies within this spectacular natural setting.

Families can enjoy a day of sun sand, swimming in the crystal clear water and playing in the white sand found on beaches, cays and islands.


Cuare Refuge, wildlife nature reserve

The Wildlife Refuge is Cuare Area Under Special Administration located in the Cuare shelter, animals, birds Monsignor Iturriza Municipality Falcon state in Venezuela, home to about 300 species of birds, plus lots of reptiles and endangered mammals.


Religious Festivals and Tucacas Chichiriviche

Chichiriviche and Tucacas are villages where religious traditions are deeply rooted in his Sea, boat, inhabitants. Among the most important religious activities are the festividadees in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, the Virgen del Valle and the Blessing of the Sea on Sunday of Resurrection at Easter.

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